Welcome to fellow pilgrims…

Like most pilgrims, I enter this strange world with some degree of trepidation, along with a sense of excitement. Being old and grey, I happily admit I am some order of parsecs (an archaic reference to Battlestar Galactica in its earliest iteration) behind the rest of the thinking world. Not so much in thinking, but in being part of the conversation. But here I am at last, for better or for worse.

The point of this blog is relatively eclectic in its inception. Partly I will use it as a part of my teaching platform. One way to ensure a readership is to force my high-school students to read blogs for homework. 🙂 Hopefully it will be more than simply a self-serving form of gratification. I trust it will become a vehicle for worthwhile interaction and reflection. At times it may appear prosaic to some; I have students from Year 7-12.

Partly it will evolve into meeting a request that I have received on a regular basis from adult students – another, rather smaller these days, area of my life – to buy my book. The obvious difficulty with this request is not that I am unhappy to sell copies of my book, I just haven’t written it. Really poor planning when one thinks about it. So perhaps this may become a forum to float some of the chapters in embryo.

Then there is a desire to cast various pieces of bread upon the water. Some of this will be focused on English, some on Philosophy, some on Pedagogy. There will be smatterings of other bits-and-pieces; I really do believe in the eclectic life.

Then there is the simple necessity of being dragged, if not kicking and screaming then at least whimpering slightly, into to 21st century. If nothing else, I will learn some more ICT skills.

I tried to avoid adjectives such as ‘hopefully’. If I set out with more positive affirmations than such adjectival indeterminates, there will be far more hope of success. I think I may have just coined a word.

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